Cricket is sparked by FIRE in Atlanta

I’d grown up with it, cricket that is. But as a young girl, I’d paid as much attention to the sport as any girl would, right? WRONG.

Players as young as sixteen on the team have been in love with the game since they were six years old.  And there’s a league of women in Georgia that have a passion for the sport that’s inspiring!

While Cricket has always been a world renowned sport that the English brought over to the lands they colonized, the sport became far more popular amongst their conquests, as villagers learned to excel in the sport. 


This fourth iteration of the game, technically recorded as T20, has taken the world by storm, particularly within the United States, as the Minor League sees 208 matches taking place over ten weekends of action, with 27 teams featuring the best cricketers in the United States.


Halfway through the season, this American-bred, all things Atlanta fan has learned that there are very many misconceptions about cricket that have been and continue to be dispelled. 


And we hope to have you join us for one of our many home games at the Atlanta Cricket Fields to learn how.  

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